Programs for Youth

Upward Bound


An intensive program serving highly motivated students in grades 9-12 to transition to post-secondary institutions



Early intervention for students starting in 7th grade to first year of college creating early awareness and readiness for college


With a student focus, MIGUP helps students be admitted to, retained by, and graduate from a post-secondary institution. Students will possess the skills and knowledge required to be competitive in today’s workforce.

  • Saturday Workshops: Educational workshops held on Saturday mornings (usually once or twice a month during the academic year, typically 4-5 hours) on the MSU campus, in which students and their families are encouraged to attend. Topics include study skills, test-taking skills, college preparation, and many more.
  • Summer Programs: Students have the opportunity to experience the college lifestyle, in a controlled environment, with their peers. Opportunities include a summer residency program, where students live in a residence hall; college tours, including Ivy League college tours, college tours around the country, and college tours around Michigan.
  • School Outreach: Program coordinators meet with groups of student participants during the school day (for typically 1-2 hours) to discuss Saturday Workshops and other educational opportunities available to them. These are typically held in school classrooms and cover a wide range of topics.
  • Campus Visits: Students have the opportunity, as a part of the MI GEAR UP Program, to take field trips during the school day to visit college campuses in the area. The MIGU Program frequently visits Michigan State University.


MI GEAR UP also works with families. The following workshops are held for parents/guardians:

  • Financial aid
  • College admissions information
  • Parenting resources
  • How to help your child study

Parent/guardian are also strongly encouraged to participate in Saturday workshops.