Programs for Youth

Upward Bound


An intensive program serving highly motivated students in grades 9-12 to transition to post-secondary institutions



Early intervention for students starting in 7th grade to first year of college creating early awareness and readiness for college

By participating in the MI GEAR UP Program, students have the opportunity to take a field trip during the school day to visit college campuses in the area.  The MI GEAR UP Program at Michigan State University (MSU) frequently holds visits on campus, so students are able to explore the various educational resources available and enjoy the new and improved college cafeteria experience!  In addition to campus visits to Michigan State University, students have the opportunity to explore other university and college campuses in Michigan, through MI GEAR UP Program campus visits during the school year or by participating in the MI GEAR UP Summer Program!

The MI GEAR UP Program has a partnership with the Michigan’s 15 public universities, so the programs are able to collaborate and prepare campus visits for students that include useful information in preparation for post-secondary education, similar to the information provided to students through the MI GEAR UP Program at MSU during Saturday Workshops.

As a part of the MI GEAR UP Program Summer Residency, we incorporated campus visits and tours, so program participants were able to explore and learn new information about the following universities:  Michigan State University, Western Michigan University, Central Michigan University, and Saginaw Valley State University.